Paris, January 13, 2020 – Rafaèle Tordjman launches JEITO CAPITAL, a new French and independent investment investor dedicated to biotech and biopharma. The launch is completed by the closing of JEITO I fund’s with the support and investment of renowned institutional investors and family offices totaling €200 million to date.

Leveraging her training as a hemato-oncologist at APHP, researcher at INSERM and investor in the healthcare sector for almost 17 years, Rafaèle Tordjman has brought together a talented team of experts, who have built their careers operating and leading across the drug value chain, combining scientific expertise, clinical development, intellectual property and commercialization.

These funds will be used to select and support approximately 15 drug start-ups with the potential to become future market leaders. The goal is to help them accelerate the development and marketing of vital innovations in therapeutic areas with high medical needs.

Rafaèle Tordjman states: “The undertaking of JEITO CAPITAL is coming to fruition at a time when the industry recognizes a need to support breakthrough innovation. Our goal is to support start- ups’ growth destined to become the market leaders of tomorrow, as well as to serve our 3 targets: Patients, Entrepreneurs, and Investors who place their trust in us, and I would like to thank them warmly for being by our side”.

JEITO CAPITAL is distinguished by its unique investment strategy, which focuses on the continuity from clinical development to market access for breakthrough drugs with human-validated proofs of concept. This continuity is expressed in the support provided to entrepreneurs by the JEITO CAPITAL team and by the investment of significant amounts to ensure the growth of companies, the acceleration towards commercialization and faster access to these major innovations.

JEITO CAPITAL is based in Paris and present in Europe and in the United States with a primarily European sourcing strategy, in line with the desire to also consider marketing on the American market right from the outset of the collaboration.

Rafaèle Tordjman is also keen to promote impact investment via the JEITO Foundation and to support the international network W.I.T.H (Women Innovating Together in Healthcare), an organization founded by Rafaèle Tordjman 10 years ago and which brings together nearly 500 talented women working in the healthcare field. Through these vehicles, Rafaèle Tordjman continues her commitment to women’s entrepreneurship in the field of healthcare and adds a new dimension to the identification of promising women-led businesses.