Jeito Capital creates a community of leading international Special Advisors to complement its extensive sets of skills and further extend its support to portfolio companies

Paris, France, November 29th 2023 – Jeito Capital (“Jeito”), a leading global investment company dedicated to biopharmaceuticals in Europe, is proud to announce the formation of its Special Advisors community composed of leading academic and industry experts with strong experience and track records in biopharma.

Jeito’s business model is distinctive for its emphasis of collective and highly differenciated expertise in biopharma and investment. The creation of this external community of world class leaders will therefore complement its extensive sets of skills, create value-accretive synergies and further strengthen Jeito leadership position in biopharma private equity investment.

The Jeito Special Advisors, all purpose-driven and independent, have all Senior, international executive profiles. They chose Jeito Capital to work in symbiosis with its investment team, bringing additional medical, managerial, financial expertise and market intelligence to source and select the most promising investment opportunities and contribute to differentiate and accelerate the portfolio companies development to become global leaders.

At any time or any step of the value chain, Jeito Capital experienced team will have the unique opportunity to interact with the Special Advisors and benefit from their leading expertise encompassing a wide range of skill sets (from translational science, clinical development, regulatory, manufacturing/product development, market access, commercialization and financing strategy) to investigate investment opportunities or share strategic advisory with the portfolio companies management and teams.

The Jeito Special Advisors are recognized for their successes and track-record in different therapeutic fields (such as oncology, immunology, neurology,…) as well as their expertise in management, manufacturing and finance :


  • Prof. Onur Boyman, MD (Swiss, based in Zurich), Professor and Chair, Department of Immunology at University of Zurich. He is a leading KOL in Immunology. Prof Boyman is an expert in translational science and his research has resulted in several investigator-initiated clinical trials. He has been involved in numerous patents and in starting up and developing successful biotech companies in oncology and immunology.


  • Dr. Mike Burgess, MD, PhD (British/American based in Arizona), Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Turnstone Biologics. He has headed R&D departments in oncology and immunology at Lilly, BMS and Roche before joining biopharma. Dr Mike Burgess is an expert in translational science and drug development.


  • Prof. Dario Campana, MD, PhD (Italian/American, based in Singapore), Serial scientific founder of Nkarta, Unum & Medisix therapeutics, and Professor Department of Pediatrics at National University of Singapore. He has been one of the first developer of the breakthrough innovation CAR-T which has revolutionized the treatment of leukemia.


  • Gabriel Festoc, PhD (French, based in Paris), Former Chairman at Polyplus group, worldwide leader in advanced biologic and cell and gene therapy production solutions acquired by Sartorius Stedim Biotech for €2.4Bn. Prior to Polyplus, he was Founder and Chairman at GeneSystems, a molecular diagnostic manufacturer sold to Pall Corp in 2008. Gabriel Festoc is an expert in cell and gene therapy manufacturing from research to commercial scale with strong expertise in the industrialization and scale up.


  • Dr. Hans-Peter Gerber, PhD (Swiss, based in California), Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Sutro (STRO), former Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Pfizer, 3T Biosciences and cofounder of Codeable Tx. Dr Hans-Peter Gerber is a leading expert in oncology, especially ADCs (antibody drug conjugates) and cell therapies. He has been involved in the start up of several successful companies.


  • Dr. Nicole Onetto MD, MSc (Canadian, based in Vancouver), former Chief Scientific Officer of Ontario Institute and Board member at NBE, Basilea and Sierra Oncology. Dr Nicole Onetto is a leading expert in oncology drug development.


  • Dr. Harsukh Parmar, MD (British, living in United-Kingdom), Former Head of immunology at several leading pharma companies such as Pfizer, Roche, AstraZeneca & Merck. He is an expert in drug development and R&D and has been involved in several biotech companies since inception.


  • Michael Pehl (German, based in Denmark), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Adcendo. Michael Pehl had several roles as senior executive in biopharma, including CEO at Immunomedics & President of Hematology & Oncology at Celgene. He is an expert in oncology development with focus on ADCs and cell therapy.


  • Jane Pritchett Henderson (American, based in Connecticut), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Apogee Therapeutics and Board Member of Akero Therapeutics and Ventus Therapeutics. Serial executive management roles in successful Biopharma including as CFO, CBO and Chair of Audit Committees in both the private and public sectors. She is an expert in M&A, strategic collaborations, financing, capital markets and Biopharma.


  • Dr. Raphaël Rousseau, MD, PhD (French-American, based in California), Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Day One Biopharmaceuticals and former CMO at Neogene, a Jeito portfolio company acquired by AstraZeneca, and Gritstone Bio following positions of increased responsibility in oncology product development at Roche and Genentech. Prior to industry, Raphaël was a translational research investigator and a tenured professor of pediatric oncology in France. He is an expert in targeted therapies, immunology, cell therapy and pediatrics.


  • Pascal Touchon, MBA, DVM (French, based in California), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Atara Biotherapeutics; he held several senior management positions in major pharmaceutical companies including as former Global Head, Cell & Gene at Novartis Oncology. Pascal Touchon is an expert in biopharma business, cell therapy and business development.

Dr. Rafaèle Tordjman, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO of Jeito Capital, concludes: “Since its inception, Jeito Capital has been investing in cutting-edge medical innovation to accelerate patient’s access to new groundbreaking therapies. This ambition requires both a collaborative culture and a very high level of expertise.  This is why we are delighted and honored to welcome our Special Advisors who will partner with Jeito’s professionals. Their diverse, complementary and high-quality expertise is a real and distinctive asset and a source of motivation for us and our portfolio companies. We look forward to working together in the interests of therapeutic innovation and greatest patient benefit.”

About Jeito Capital

Jeito Capital is a global leading Private Equity company with a patient benefit driven approach that finances and accelerates the development and growth of ground-breaking medical innovation. Jeito empowers and supports managers through its expert, integrated, multi-talented team and through the investment of significant capital to ensure the growth of companies, building market leaders in their respective therapeutic areas with accelerated patients’ access globally, especially in Europe and the United States. Jeito Capital has €534 million under management and a rapidly growing portfolio of investments. Jeito Capital is based in Paris with a presence in Europe and the United States.

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